I have had this odd relationship with myself as an artist, of accepting and living in that part of me, if that makes sense? 

I reflect on my childhood and the very best moments were in creating and expressing. Not just one thing but several. Writing songs and creating dances with friends, acting in plays, writing poetry, designing clothing and paper goods, to taking pictures.

I enjoyed creating and expressing and wasn't ashamed.

As I have gotten older, I have noticed that fear and shame can so easily entangle this part of my identity and paralyze me from doing anything. I praise the LORD for His good, good work in me. Of bringing truth to the lies - and showing me glimpses of what it is like to live in this part of my identity in Him. So much freedom and peace!  

This little site is an expression of those desires.

My relationship with the camera, is one that kind of stuck and transformed over the years. My hope is that it continues to do so! 

Currently, I'm loving it because stories can be told, emotions felt, and moments exposed :P



Oh, photography. 

It started with my high school days. You know...the days of awkwardness, wandering, and emotion overload? Back then, shooting with my camera was a just a "thing" I did to express all that I saw that was pretty.  I would say the same rings true today, that is beauty is a motivation. But the way I see beauty has more depth and my perspective of beauty is ever expanding. 

I now believe that

Beauty is not just in the good, but also the seemingly bad.

Beauty is not just in the things noticed, but in the things overlooked and even forgotten. 

Beauty is not just in the monumental, its in the small, ever fleeting moments.


My emotions were not left in the high school days.

They are ever present now. If anything, they are stronger, deeper, and foster action.





So today, the camera is more than just a "thing".

It is my mouthpiece to giving voice to what I see and what I feel should be seen.

It is my pen to recording the stories that are unfolding all around us and are worth giving attention to.




Over time, I have learned that my best work happens when I'm able to observe, to immerse, and to be hands off in the moments. This speaks through the way I shoot and the vision that keeps me going. 




My eyes chase the light, play in the light while my heart  and my heart 

For my heart is growing in all sorts of directions. 

 The amazing thing is that photography can do just, can connect others, provide a platform to seeing the good


















Have you ever thought of what is worth holding onto?

Lately, I have been.

We all experience the slipping of time and with that, a change of what is really valuable. 

For me, even a change of 






what things are worth holding onto? 

value in reflecting, remembering and celebrating the moments that make up your life. 

to taking time to sloooooww doownn, to seeing and embracing the magic around.


my desire is to encourage folks to full hearts, to trust our good, good God. 

to direct gazes to the only One worth gazing upon.



raw, authentic moments filled with emotion


captivating moments.

to remember

to see 

to share 

to not forget.





I'm located in Southern Indiana, but available worldwide