My name is Chelsey :) 

And I'm going to let you in on a secret.  This little place is about more than just pictures. In fact, it's really not even about me. 

I believe that there is weight, importance really to reflecting. remembering. and celebrating moments in life.

Because let's be honest. 

It's much easier to coast, forget the moments, the days, the years even - but a life of forgetting can rob you of joy.

Remembering, on the other hand, I believe can lead to having a full, grateful heart for any circumstance and even lead to a full, grateful life.

It is my desire to come alongside you, to help you in remembering, in living fully. 

By capturing your very life, the moments unfolding before you. So you have them to hold and keep. and remember.

that there is much grace and magic to be found in your very days.