I'm an artist who loves to write and record stories through photography. I find pleasure in seeing the small, the unnoticed threads of life and bringing them to light - because beauty is in the everyday. the now.

The focus of my work is...

  1. worship : giving praise to God in blessings & in trials.
  2. authenticity : because I am not a fan of sugar coating life. 
  3. encouragement : yes, photography has this power to lift one another up!
  4. lots of soul : the connection to our hearts. 

AND some extras...

I'm book collector, rock collector, star gazer, trampoline jumper, lover of trees & cities anchored by big bodies of water.  And when I am not photographing, you will usually find me reading, running, or snuggling with my polar bear, otherwise known as Augustine. 

Based out of Southern Indiana but available for travel