Spencer // Fall 2014

This has been a long awaited post.  Remember that earlier this year I flew many miles and called Lyon, France home for 180 days with three God-loving, God-serving families? If not, jump into that part of my story here :)  Relationships are where stories intersect and through my story of serving a particular family, I met the Spencer family, the lovely people you are about to meet.

The connection is that Kerry Spencer went to college with the lovely lady, Kristyn Wainwright. The other connection is that my heart, oh my heart is to use visuals to tell stories and this family needed just that.  They saw photos from stories in France and Lindsey Spencer reached out. (I'm sooo glad you did!)

You see, God is leading, walking with the Spencer family to adopt a sweet boy from China. This is a journey and journeys are never easy or comfortable. And sometimes they are messy & long, but they are beautiful because God's glory is woven within them, and His glory shines. 

It is for God's glory and His Story within the Spencer's story that these images exist. (how cool is that?)  

Meet Kerry, Lindsey & little Luke Spencer.  Be moved to give and jump into their journey of adoption.  

OH. and miss Lindsey is a BEAUTIFUL artist, mixing calligraphy and wood to create works of wonders.

here are a few snapshots of her workspace.

Be sure to go over to her shop and purchase many things (all proceeds go to their adoption)!