I have a rather difficult time doing things without knowing the WHY.  The WHY is what motivates when things don't look the best. The WHY enables to sacrifice, to push on towards the goal. 

So for visual storytelling, it's not just for the fun of it. Expect me to have a vision.

 "Humans are not intended for data storage (though we have the capacity). We are intended for LIVING, for moving through a STORY." - N.D. Wilson

I believe that our goal in this life is not to preserve ourselves. All efforts (even the capturing every moment with a camera) are in vain.  We are all destined to the dust and that should motivate us to LIVE, to PARTICIPATE in this life. To GIVE of ourselves until we are SPENT.  For me, visual storytelling is a reminder that being on this planet, is a "get to."  

It's also a reminder that life is bigger than ourselves. That we should be telling OUR stories so that others will see & praise the One who came near. 

 "I believe that I shall look upon the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living. Wait for the LORD, be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the LORD." - PSALM 27: 13-14


For me visual storytelling is all about gazing, searching, with a heart that loves the One who created. Searching for His grace, His gifts in the lives of the living and proclaiming them.  It's also all about encouragement, remembering the hope that is present.



We get to participate in life. 

Personally, visual storytelling, is a way of worship to the Creator.  

It's about thinking of others, of future generations. 

It's about intention & purpose

It's about focus, vision on His work in the lives of His creation.

Folks. We are HIS artwork. 

it's about seeing His goodness, His faithfulness in the big & small. 

to me, is about participating in this thing called life.   about choosing life. about slowing down and finally seeing. having perspecitive. 

it's about the "get to." about  

"Our futile struggle in time is courtesy of God's excessive giving."   He has given so much and at times He takes away. But this visual storytelling is about capturing HIs goodness, His faithfulness through it all. Through the story. 







I will photograph

- for you to remember the glory of God, the faithfulness of your Father

- for you to SEE the gifts, the blessings, the many graces that God gives in the moments, the events of life

- to celebrate LIVING

- to celebrate YOUR story






Hi there & welcome!

I am Chelsey Lynea.

You should know that I so happen to be crazy passionate about photography – I believe it's a tool that can aid blind eyes to see God's hand in all people, places, and circumstances.

My desire is to use photography in a way that serves people & communicates truth. 

"The true purpose of art is the same as the true purpose of anything; it is not for ourselves or for our own expression, but for the service of others and the glory of God." - Philip Graham Ryken



Jesus used & continues to use imagery to draw us back, draw us back to Himself

He is about changing perspective, bring about vision to one's life

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moving, to be moved - this is what I am about.